Rocklin residents should refinance now

Many times people do not listen to me because they are worried that I am selling them something. I do not sell. I will consult with you to determine if refinancing is good for you based on your current financial goals. If you have a ten year mortgage at 3%, I am not going to waste my time telling you to refinance to 2.875%. I have been talking to a gentleman living in the river park area about when he should refinance. He has a 2nd mortgage that is interest only so the balance has been the same for ten years now. I have been looking into the value of his home for the last two months and as soon as his value hits a certain level ,it is going to be the perfect time to refinance and get rid of that 2nd mortgage and lower his payment by $140.0 per month. That is not a lot of money but at least his loan balance will be going lower every month and that will help him build equity to go towards his retirement.
If you live in the Rocklin or Roseville areas, I would be happy to look at your current mortgage to see if you should keep it or refinance it to help your financial future. I wish I could get rid of the name mortgage broker in Rocklin and call myself mortgage consultant. I am not going to tell you how great my mortgages are because we all wish that we did not have to make monthly mortgage payments. I will show you how to get the lower your mortgage payment or how to pay off your mortgage in the shortest amount of time. Even the financial gurus on TV are saying it is a great time to refinance.

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