Mortgage broker in Rocklin saw average rates drop across the U.S.

I thought for sure that mortgage rates would head upwards when the Federal Reserve raised their rate by a quarter percent. Now mortgage rates have been dropping the last month. You would think that I could predict which way rates are heading but I cant. If you have a mortgage interest rate above 4.5%, you should call me at 916-261-2381 so that I can show you how much money you can save every month by refinancing. It is a real great time to refinance in Placer county because our property values have gone up so much the last three years so it makes it much easier to refinance. Please call Gordon at 916-261-2381 to see how much your home is worth and how much money you can save. If rates drop any more inĀ Rocklin, we will be overwhelmed with mortgage applications and you could miss out on the lowest rates of the year.

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