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Mortgage rates up again in 2018.

The economy is going strong, low unemployment. That means interest rates are up and they should keep going up some more. I always have trouble when the economy gets going strong because I know mortgage rates will keep going up in Rocklin CA. I should be happy that the economy is strong and people are working. It is tough for the homeowners who want to refinance to get cash out to pay off debts or do home improvements. This past week from September 14th has been extra tough because all of a sudden rates have gone up .375%. I gave some people a quote on rates then when I went to lock in the rate after the loan application was taken , rates had allready jumped up. These are the times of year when I get stressed out so I really need to go to the gym so that I dont get an ulcer.
If you have some equity and you need to pay off credit card debt or make a home improvement then you should hurry up and call me. I dont see rates coming down any time soon because of the strong economy and new federal income tax rates. Home values are way up since 2012, so every homeowner should have enough equity to refinance in Rocklin CA. I love to talk about real estate and mortgage rates. I can be reached at 916-261-2381 . A person can also pull cash out to buy another piece of real estate. I would suggest buying a cash flowing house in the Kansas City MO real estate market. A person can buy a nice house for 90k that rents for 900 per month. That is alot better than buying a entry level home in Sacramento for 250k that rents for 1200 per month.