Mortgage broker in Rocklin CA

If you are looking into buying a home, we can help you with locating the best mortgage to fit your needs. I work for a mortgage broker in Rocklin CA. I will show people the average mortgage rates on this site. I will also show you what underwriters look for when qualifying you for that home loan. This site is just a blog written by Gordon Cuffe a licensed loan officer NMLs# 1037464. I will update people on how to qualify for a loan and improve their credit scores. There are many lenders on the internet but as a Mortgage broker in Rocklin, I have more lenders to choose from compared to the consumer. I can look at your credit score, loan to value and loan amount to shop all the lenders that we are approved with. I have worked as a loan officer since 1992 so I have funded all kinds of mortgage loans. If you ever have a question about financing , please call or text me at 916-261-2381.

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