Crazy year for Rocklin Mortgage Broker

I have been so busy that I just realized that I have not written one post for 2020. I wish I would have written down how the mortgage rates just kept dropping every month during the months the rates were dropping. I will go back to February when rates were going into the low 3% range. My refinance business started to pick up at that time and I was quoting people 3.125% 30 year fixed rates. Mortgage rates really went crazy in early March as the pandemic was just starting to shut down business’s. We had a two day jump in rates by a 1/2% in early March.It was the most stressful time in the history of Mortgage broker in Rocklin. The secondary mortgage markets just went crazy has the stock market was collapsing and the effects of the virus were hitting our economy. I remember losing a lot of sleep as I had loans that had started but the rates were not locked yet. The mortgage rates finally eased back down at the end of March and early April so I was able to close those refinances in Rocklin at the rates my clients requested.

The corona virus must have hit my website also in March because my hosting company dropped my site off the web. I did not even know it until late last week. My site is back so now people can find a mortgage broker in Rocklin again. If you want to find out what your rate can be then please call or text me at 916-261-2381. My Nmls # is 1037464. I work for Direct Realty and Mortgage at 5701 Lonetree Blvd. Rocklin CA.

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