Mortgage Company in Rocklin

If you are looking for a Mortgage Company in Rocklin that approves your loan in one day then call Gordon at 916-261-2381. If you would like to read about my recent one day approval then go over to

Mortgage rates were lower than they have been in the history of lending during the later half of 2020. I know many people missed out on refinancing because they thought interest rates would go to 1.5% on day. Those people were in fantasy land. February 2021 just saw the first increase in rates in over a year. There was no way mortgage rates in Rocklin could stay so low forever. I am now afraid that rates will just be going up for the rest of 2021. If you want to find a loan officer in Roseville that can close your loan fast before rates go up then you should call Gordon at 916-261-2381.

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