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Crazy year for Rocklin Mortgage Broker

I have been so busy that I just realized that I have not written one post for 2020. I wish I would have written down how the mortgage rates just kept dropping every month during the months the rates were dropping. I will go back to February when rates were going into the low 3% range. My refinance business started to pick up at that time and I was quoting people 3.125% 30 year fixed rates. Mortgage rates really went crazy in early March as the pandemic was just starting to shut down business’s. We had a two day jump in rates by a 1/2% in early March.It was the most stressful time in the history of Mortgage broker in Rocklin. The secondary mortgage markets just went crazy has the stock market was collapsing and the effects of the virus were hitting our economy. I remember losing a lot of sleep as I had loans that had started but the rates were not locked yet. The mortgage rates finally eased back down at the end of March and early April so I was able to close those refinances in Rocklin at the rates my clients requested.

The corona virus must have hit my website also in March because my hosting company dropped my site off the web. I did not even know it until late last week. My site is back so now people can find a mortgage broker in Rocklin again. If you want to find out what your rate can be then please call or text me at 916-261-2381. My Nmls # is 1037464. I work for Direct Realty and Mortgage at 5701 Lonetree Blvd. Rocklin CA.

Interest rates drop by 1/4% in Rocklin

The federal reserve has dropped interest by a 1/4% again today. This is the third 1/4 point drop in 2019 and the last. This news really helps large business’s and bank the most because it drops the lending rate that banks lend to each other. It should help the prime lending rate drop by 1/4% which is great if you have a adjustable rate mortgage tied to the prime rate. Mortgage rates have held steady this summer in the mid 3% range. I have been able to get homeowners rates below 4% along with a lender credit to pay for the closing costs. Mortgage rates should stay the same until the end of the year with only a small hope they will go lower. If you want to find exactly what your mortgage rate will be, you can call or text me at 916-261-2381.

If you are looking for a mortgage broker in Rocklin, this website is the place to look. We have many different lenders to choose from to find you a loan program that best fits your needs.

Mortgage rates are low in Rocklin CA

Home mortgage rates in Rocklin CA are still lower in 2019 compared to 2018.I just helped a homeowner get a 3.625% thirty year fixed rate in Placer county. They refinanced their house and lowered their house payment by $215.0 per month. I can not believe how low rates are considering that the economy is still running strong. I dont know how long rates can stay this low so if you want to find out how much money you can save by refinancing, please call me at 916-261-2381. Here is a video talking about how home flippers are using mortgages more in 2019 because the rates are so low. When home prices were a lot lower around the Rocklin area, many of the fixer upper homes were purchased with cash. We have seen a steady increase in values since 2012 so it is tougher for investors to come up with enough cash to buy a house.

Mortgage rates up again in 2018.

The economy is going strong, low unemployment. That means interest rates are up and they should keep going up some more. I always have trouble when the economy gets going strong because I know mortgage rates will keep going up in Rocklin CA. I should be happy that the economy is strong and people are working. It is tough for the homeowners who want to refinance to get cash out to pay off debts or do home improvements. This past week from September 14th has been extra tough because all of a sudden rates have gone up .375%. I gave some people a quote on rates then when I went to lock in the rate after the loan application was taken , rates had allready jumped up. These are the times of year when I get stressed out so I really need to go to the gym so that I dont get an ulcer.
If you have some equity and you need to pay off credit card debt or make a home improvement then you should hurry up and call me. I dont see rates coming down any time soon because of the strong economy and new federal income tax rates. Home values are way up since 2012, so every homeowner should have enough equity to refinance in Rocklin CA. I love to talk about real estate and mortgage rates. I can be reached at 916-261-2381 . A person can also pull cash out to buy another piece of real estate. I would suggest buying a cash flowing house in the Kansas City MO real estate market. A person can buy a nice house for 90k that rents for 900 per month. That is alot better than buying a entry level home in Sacramento for 250k that rents for 1200 per month.

Mortgage rates up a little bit in Rocklin CA

his is the first time in a year that I have had to say that mortgage rates are up. This is sad for me but the rates could not stay at record lows forever. I kept telling as many people that I could during the late part of summer 2016 that rates will go up. They started going up right around November 1st and they went up sharply after the election. It is not the end of the world or the start of the dark recession. A person in Rocklin CA can still get a low mortgage rate in case they need to do a cash out refinance. Our property values have risen tremendously since April 2012. I know that the people who thought they did not have enough equity to refinance now have enough equity to refinance. I also know that some people now have enough equity to do a cash out refinance to pay off high interest credit card debt. I just completed two cash out refinances for homeowners that are now saving $800.0 to $900.0 per month in out going bills. They both told me that relieved a lot of stress in their lives. Both of their credit scores went up also.
If you live anywhere in Rocklin or Roseville CA, and you want to see how much money you can save each month then call me.. I attached a video that talks about the real possibility that the federal reserve will raise interest rates thoughout 2017.I do want to mention that I work for a mortgage broker in Rocklin.

Mortgage broker in Rocklin saw average rates drop across the U.S.

I thought for sure that mortgage rates would head upwards when the Federal Reserve raised their rate by a quarter percent. Now mortgage rates have been dropping the last month. You would think that I could predict which way rates are heading but I cant. If you have a mortgage interest rate above 4.5%, you should call me at 916-261-2381 so that I can show you how much money you can save every month by refinancing. It is a real great time to refinance in Placer county because our property values have gone up so much the last three years so it makes it much easier to refinance. Please call Gordon at 916-261-2381 to see how much your home is worth and how much money you can save. If rates drop any more in Rocklin, we will be overwhelmed with mortgage applications and you could miss out on the lowest rates of the year.

Rocklin residents should refinance now

Many times people do not listen to me because they are worried that I am selling them something. I do not sell. I will consult with you to determine if refinancing is good for you based on your current financial goals. If you have a ten year mortgage at 3%, I am not going to waste my time telling you to refinance to 2.875%. I have been talking to a gentleman living in the river park area about when he should refinance. He has a 2nd mortgage that is interest only so the balance has been the same for ten years now. I have been looking into the value of his home for the last two months and as soon as his value hits a certain level ,it is going to be the perfect time to refinance and get rid of that 2nd mortgage and lower his payment by $140.0 per month. That is not a lot of money but at least his loan balance will be going lower every month and that will help him build equity to go towards his retirement.
If you live in the Rocklin or Roseville areas, I would be happy to look at your current mortgage to see if you should keep it or refinance it to help your financial future. I wish I could get rid of the name mortgage broker in Rocklin and call myself mortgage consultant. I am not going to tell you how great my mortgages are because we all wish that we did not have to make monthly mortgage payments. I will show you how to get the lower your mortgage payment or how to pay off your mortgage in the shortest amount of time. Even the financial gurus on TV are saying it is a great time to refinance.

Mortgage rates in Rocklin

I am a Economics geek. I follow the ten year note rate every day just to see where mortgage rates are heading. If the ten year note rate increases then mortgage rates increase also. I love to watch cnbc to see were the stock market is at and where the ten year note rate is at. If your too busy to follow the in mortgage rates Rocklin , you can always email or call me at 916-261-2381 and I can tell you exactly what your new mortgage interest rate can be for your situation. Here is a video from cnbc talking about the current bond market. The ten year note hit a bottom on February 26th 2016 and has since ticked up .10%. It could be a great time to lock in your rate before they head up in the spring.

Mortgage broker in Rocklin with lower mortgage rates

I would bet many people did not realize that the Federal reserve raised their rate by a 1/4% back in December 2015. That was the first time the Fed raised their key lending rate in nine years. A funny thing has happened since the start of 2016, mortgage rates have actually declined about 1/4%. The main reason rates have gone down is because the stock market has come down a lot since January 1st. Many time when the stock market goes down it brings the interest rates down also. That is a economic lesson in itself. The bottom line is that it is a perfect time to refinance with a mortgage broker in Rocklin if you purchased your home from 2009 to 2012 with a FHA loan. It is a great time for these people because their property values have gone up a lot and now they have a good amount of equity.
It is also a good time to refinance for people who took out loans from 2003 to 2006 who had not had enough equity in the past to refinance. Your property values in the Rocklin and Roseville areas have gone up to a level where you can probably refinance again.
My name is Gordon and I am good at figuring out what your home will appraise for. If you would like to see if your home appraises high enough to refinance and how much money you will save every month, then please call me at 916-261-2381. Last year I told people that they should hurry and refinance because rates are going up. They went up for a few months then peaked and now they have gone down again. Mortgage rates are just like gas prices. They do not stay low forever so if you need cash out of your house or you just want to lower your payments then please get ahold of me.